1. "Hi"
  2. littlebookthings:

Submission courtesy of itssimplyjoy


    Submission courtesy of itssimplyjoy

  3. booksdirect:

    “The Rules of Book Club.”

  4. carlmander:

    if robbers ever broke into my house and searched for money id just laugh and search with them

    • when I move home for break: ugh no I just want to be with my college friends I am so bored mom stop talking to me I just want to stay up all night and drink excessively and invite boys over and ugh I hate being home
    • when I have to go back to school: mommy hug me don't make me leave cook me a nice meal and ask me where I'm going and when I'll be back and who I'm hanging out with I want to be a child forever
  5. leopadra:

    it’s 2013 and there still isn’t a bridge from america to europe

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I enjoy Mumford and Sons, Broadway, Literature, The Phantom of the Opera, Tranquility, Alice in Wonderland, Batman, Happiness, Gerard Butler, Purple, Disney, Peace, Comics, Nature, laughter and a whole lot of other stuff. I love to laugh til my abs hurt, and smile ear to ear. Define yourself... Peace. Love. Happiness. ΦΣΣ